Thai Shrimp Cake

Deep-fried shrimp cake served with sweet plum sauce

Grilled Chicken Salad

Char-grilled chicken fillet and spicy green mango salad served with deep-fried sticky rice stuffed with salty egg yolk

Tom Yum Goong

Hot and sour soup with river prawn flavored with lemongrass and Thai herbs

Yellow Curry Crab

Whole crab stir-fried in light yellow curry with egg, Thai celery and onion

Chili Fresh Scallop

Stir-fried scallop with sweet chili paste, onion and bell pepper

Hang Lay Curry Duck

Northern Thai style braised duck with Hang Lay curry, sliced ginger, peanut and chili paste

Prawn Phad Thai

Stir-fried thin rice noodles with ground peanut, chive, bean sprout and tofu with homemade tamarind sauce

Sticky Rice with Mango

Fresh Thai mango with sticky rice topped with coconut cream

Prepare to re-vitalize your dining experience at Mango Tree